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Ugi Service Agreement

HomeServe acquires HVAC Operations from UGI HVAC Enterprises, Inc. to expand its CTC services presence in eastern and central Pennsylvania. The acquisition promotes homeServes Mid-Atlantic HVAC presence service, Improves customer satisfaction and improves ways to improve operational efficiency NORWALK, Conn.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-HomeServe USA (HomeServe), a leader in home emergency repair plans, today announced the successful acquisition of most of all assets of UGI HVAC Enterprises, Inc. (UGI HVAC) in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. UGI HVAC is an indirect subsidiary of UGI Corporation. UGI HVAC plants include UGI Heating, Cooling-Plumbing, Berkshire Mechanical and Denny`s Electric. This agreement gives HomeServe the opportunity to expand its presence of CTC installation and service companies in eastern and central Pennsylvania. An UGI advantage service agreement guarantees priority service for outages – 24/7, even on public holidays. And you can be sure that if things go wrong, UGI heating, refrigeration and plumbing will solve the problem – every day, anytime. Since 2003, HomeServe has been protecting homeowners from the costs and inconveniences of water, sewers, electricity, CF and other home repair emergencies by providing affordable repair coverage, facilities and quality local service.

As part of this acquisition, almost all UGI HVAC employees have accepted job offers from HomeServes Energy Services and are part of the HomeServe team as of this morning. HomeServe integrates the company into its Energy Services division with branches in the Metro NY, Metro Boston and South Jersey sectors. With more than 500,000 homes in the UGI-HLK sector, HomeServe will be able to offer exceptional HVAC installation, maintenance and repair services under the famous UGI HVAC brand, which HomeServe will continue to use as part of a long-term licensing agreement. Outages are so unpredictable and uncomfortable. But with an UGI advantage service contract, you can count on the preferred service and be sure that the outage won`t break the bank. If z.B. a technician shows up, you normally have to pay $90. with the deal, you pay $0. For the job of fixing the outage, you could pay $200, compared to $0 with an UGI service contract. Better Business Bureau Accredited Business is a customer-oriented company that provides consumers with first-class repair plans and other services and more than 1,000 city, procurement and association partners. So don`t wait for things to go wrong – contact us to find out more about the different service agreements we offer, a gift that comes back again and again, and start enjoying the holiday in peace! “I am pleased that almost all of UGI`s employees have been offered to HVAC and that positions have been accepted at HomeServe, as this will create a seamless transition for customers,” said Joe Hartz, President of UGI Energy Services, LLC. You will find more information on the various options for the UGI Advantage Service online contract.

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