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Basic Exchange And Cooperation Agreement For Geospatial Cooperation

2.1.4. The establishment of technical assistance and exchange of technological information relevant to mapping, geodesic and geodesic developments as well as production processes and techniques. 2.2. If applicable, digital topographical products, data, publications and associated GIS materials that are transferred in accordance with this schedule are subject to the Digital Geographic Information Exchange Standard (IDB). In most cases, the associated digital topographic products, data, publications and GIS documents are exchanged on CD-ROM in ISSO 9660 format or via the file transfer protocol (FTP) using the internet. For finished VPF (Vector Product Format) products, DIGEST C should be used. NGA provides MoD, on request, with a copy of the most up-to-date DIGEST manual and VPF standard. This article is based on “The Delhi-DC strategic dance” published in the Hindustan Times on 27.10.2020. It discusses the impact of the signing of the basic agreement on trade and cooperation between India and the United States on the signing of the Exchange and Cooperation Agreement in the context of geographic data research (BASIC). 14.2.

This agreement and/or one of its implementing annexes may be denounced at any time after the parties` mutual written agreement. In the event that the contracting parties agree to the declaration of the agreement and/or one of the fairest and fairest terms, the parties consult before the termination date. During the meeting, a request for cooperation in the area of awareness of advanced maritime areas was adopted. Topics covered: bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements in which India participates and/or harm India`s interests. 3.1. The conditions, procedures, obligations and technical modalities relating to the themes covered by Article 1 of this agreement are set out in the “implementation annexes” of this agreement. Each implementation schedule indicates the specific purpose, obligations, conditions, exchanges and/or co-production procedures, each party`s responsibilities, the quantities of products, data, publications and related GIS material, and other related GIS-related issues. Implementation slopes are signed by the contracting parties or by persons authorized by the parties. The parties do not sell, transfer or transfer the holding of geographical products, data, publications and related materials or devices exchanged under this agreement, when they disclose what has been exchanged under this agreement to persons who are not public servants, collaborators or representatives of the contracting parties (excluding transportation agencies), unless they are used in an enforcement schedule or used for purposes other than the authorized purposes. The supplying party is solely responsible for approving this transfer and, if necessary, for the method and procedures for executing these transfers. The defence ministers of India and the United States have signed a Fund Exchange Agreement (BECA) for geographic cooperation.

“Now, OL could be used in each other`s businesses to improve our information exchange architecture. In short, our military cooperation is progressing well. 2.1.1. Exchange of information between governments of both parties for defence and government purposes, including co-production programmes, pure and cooperative production and cooperative efforts. Items to be traded include maps, diagrams, information, data and related materials in print or digital formats; geodesic, geophysical, geomagnetic and gravity data; Reproduction materials specifications, publications and other related documents.

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