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Copy Machine Service Agreement

This calculation note takes into account the estimated use of parts, work and toner for each model of device. If your device ages or the lifespan of the deformation increases, manufacturers feel that a device needs to be serviced more often and that parts may be more difficult to acquire. For this reason, you will often see a service contract increase the price each year during the extension. This is rare, but in some cases it is possible to have an extended warranty for your photocopier. This generally applies only to cheaper machines, for which it makes no economic sense to enter into a service contract. First of all, it`s best to consider the number of copies your company makes each month, as this will determine a large number of criteria in advance. If you know your copy volume, how often the machine is used and the budgets available, you can choose the size and type of printer or photocopier required. Some chords include spare tint powder or ink cartridges, but there is a limit to how much you are entitled to. This may be limited to black ink and exclude color substitutes. If you need to check and check if this is the case for your company, you will find this information in your contract and service contract. In the end, the copy service will vary slightly from provider to provider, but there are some common services offered in most copy maintenance contracts. Most photocopier manufacturers offer “Bumper to Bumper” cover type, which means they cover everything that is part of the normal and continuous operation of the machine (so – paper and staples don`t count).

A photocopier maintenance contract helps you avoid unexpected costs for your business by protecting you throughout your contract. If your photocopier is defective, you can relax because you know that the service of your machine is covered in your contract. Copy contracts work on the cost-per-page agreement. This is how you pay as a customer for toner, work and parts to maintain your device. The typical costs you can expect for printing pages are: But because you have a maintenance contract, your downtime will be rarer, because your photocopier provider regularly uses your machine to make sure everything works properly (such as a physical contract in the doctor`s office). Let`s not forget the soft cost of downtime (unproductive employees, contracts that cannot be printed, etc.) that add to the cost of a machine without a maintenance contract. The risk of being inundated with maintenance costs is sufficient to realize the benefits of signing a service contract, as it is important to remember that all machines have downtime and the less maintenance they are maintained, the more downtime there is. A service contract usually covers everything that is directly related to the device itself, but not the network in which it works.

The minimum services of the industry covered by a service contract are breakdown/quality issues, parts and subsequent workers, as well as priority services to customers without a service contract. A service contract prevents unexpected repair costs and gives you budgetary predictability. If something goes wrong, just call your dealer and a service technician comes to repair the device at no extra cost. If you have any questions, please contact one of our Office Interiors team members. We are happy to answer your questions and help you decide if a service contract is right for you. Service calls can cost up to $150 per hour if you are not covered without parts. Without a service contract, a single unexpected malfunction could cost hundreds of dollars. 14. This agreement does not apply to the use of devices under non-normal operating conditions or outside normal design capabilities (to be defined by our service), unless provided for by the special provisions. Service contracts and contracts can generally be concluded on a 12-, 24- or 36-month basis.

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