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Interstate Corrections Compact Agreement

The mayor is authorized, on behalf of the District of Columbia, to enter into and execute, on behalf of the District of Columbia, a pact with any state or state that legally adheres to the pact, essentially in the form of: Some states apply a fee for the processing of a transfer request between state transfers. Offenders should discuss this with their supervisor when considering the possibility of a move. The offender should also consider the host state`s policy on fees and supervisory fees. Detainees who are locked up in an institution in accordance with this covenant are subject to the jurisdiction of the State of origin at any time and may be removed at any time from the host state to be transferred to a prison or other institution in the State of origin to be transferred to another institution that allows the sending state to be in possession of a contractual or other right of confinement. , conditional release or probation, release or any other purpose authorized by the laws of the sending state; provided that the State of origin remains required to pay the necessary payments in accordance with the terms of a contract that ends under the contract. (b) The terms and provisions of this pact are part of a contract entered into by or under these contracts by the Authority, and nothing in such a contract is incompatible with it; “Issuing State,” a state party to this pact in which a conviction or judicial obligation has been initiated. Any detainee limited by the provisions of this covenant has every right to participate in all benefits and to infer or be released from its obligations, or from the obligation or change of status under an act or procedure in which he or a procedure could have participated if he is locked up in an appropriate state sending body within the sending state to amend or amend. A parent, guardian, administrator or any other person authorized by the laws of the sending state to act, counsel or act, act or otherwise act for an inmate may not be deprived or limited in the exercise of power over a detainee limited by the provisions of this Covenant. “This act,” to which Article VI of the Covenant is referred to, is D.C.

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