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Mettler Toledo Service Agreement

The specific service products for each instrument are displayed in a summary form. ToLEDO mettler service options give you the security you need. This allows you to increase your operational efficiency, performance and productivity. 14. DATA PROTECTION; PERSONAL DATA – The provider must ensure that all MT data it possesses is kept safely and that all appropriate technical and organizational measures and controls are implemented to protect MT data and ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of that data. After completing and at any time at the reasonable request of MT, the supplier must provide all MT data requested to MT or its agent in a standard format. In MT`s relationships with suppliers, MT and suppliers, the limited personal data of the other party`s staff or contractors may be processed to the extent necessary for the performance of the contract and its obligations under these obligations (e.g. B for processing and executing contracts, processing payments, ordering shipments and deliveries, providing services and correspondence). The supplier will comply with all data protection obligations imposed on it and ensure that its associated companies and subcontractors with access to the other party`s personal data are subject to the same data protection obligations. The supplier is not entitled to use, store and process personal data obtained as part of or as part of the business relationship, unless MT has expressly authorized it in writing and depends at any time on the revocation of that authorization. If the services provided by the provider involve the processing of personal data for or on behalf of MT, the contracting parties enter into a data processing contract that is linked to MT. The obligations arising from this section are essential obligations of the supplier and the supplier frees, defends and is free of any claim or undertaking that may result from the supplier`s breach. In this context, our service packs are based on our core values of availability, performance and technical know-how.

We advise you to choose the service option that best meets your operational needs to ensure you get the most out of your investment. 3.2. SUPPORT SERVICES – MT or a member of the Mettler Toledo group of companies can offer software-related support services (“Support Services”). The use of support services is subject to the corresponding support agreement (“software support contract”). Any additional software available to you as part of the support services is considered part of the software and is subject to the conditions set out in this CSUE.

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