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Generating quality leads for insurance, is all about finding alternative media that can drive low Cost Per Lead activity and high ROI. Whilst some channels are not always high volume, in combination with the various digital channels we use to drive leads for insurance enquiries, this can be a powerful combination.

Why Buy Insurance/Super Leads?

3 reasons to consider purchasing leads


Whether you have a good stream of client referrals or a solid local advertising source it is always a good idea to mix in a variety of marketing channels. This way you aren’t left scrambling in the event that your primary option slows down or stops sending prospects all together.


Free and self-generated leads are great to have. However, they tend to come in waves and aren’t always the most dependable options for a regular stream of new leads. With us you have the option to pause leads and set daily or weekly volume caps. Volume will depend on your location and chosen postcodes but if you can sell Australia wide over the phone you can keep a steady and dependable flow of leads coming in on a daily basis.

More Sales

When you buy real-time leads you are skipping much of the prospecting and sales process and are jumping ahead to talk to a potential client in “buy mode”. This can be an extreme time saver that will allow you to scale your sales higher. If you are able to achieve the same or higher profit margins with paid leads vs. the amount of time required to generate leads then they should be a part of your regular marketing plan.


“You are out of business if you don’t have a prospect!”

(Zig Ziglar, “Ziglar On Selling”)

Why Our Leads?

The main features of our leads


All leads will be sent to you only! We believe that you should have exclusive rights to the information we offer. Our speciality is making sure each lead we bring you is perfect for you!


Your leads will be generated through most popular websites in Australia – Google, Bing,, FairFax media, nineMSN, Yahoo, etc. Forget about low quality and not converting leads from co-registration, contests, surveys and tele-marketing.


Leads will be sent to you as soon as they are submitted via email or to your CRM. Studies show that if you call your online lead within first 5 minutes rather than waiting 30 minutes to get in contact, you are 21 times more likely to qualify your lead than if you waited.


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